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          Tommie Lee Russell, Jr was born in Houston, Texas to a mother in the Navy and a father in the Air Force. The family was stationed in Oakland, California, Beaufort, South Carolina, and Okinawa, Japan, before settling in Fort Worth, Texas. Throughout his early life Tommie tried his hand at a variety of crafts, picking up many skills in areas such as: Baseball, Track, Debate, Choir, Piano, Dance, and more, yet nothing made him feel more at home than the theatre. After graduating high school Tommie pursued a Business Degree at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana. After two unfulfilling years of study at Xavier, Tommie committed to his passion for acting and followed this conviction back out to California.  

          After a rigorous application and audition process, Tommie was the only transfer student of his class to be granted admission into Chapman University's BFA Screen Acting program. Now, in his senior year, Tommie has been the lead in a main stage production, he's on set regularly with his first film ever landing a finalist spot with Sundance Ignite, and has even worked along side the 'Stranger Things' creators The Duffer Brothers. Tommie continues to grow as an artist by pushing the boundaries of acting and technique, bringing to life the truest character possible, and constantly learning from his peers and mentors to elevate his craft to new levels. Tommie is determined to become a prominent voice in his generation and make a lasting impact in film.